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    What Are You Afraid Of? Leader Kit

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    ~ What Are You Afraid Of? Leader Kit includes a Member Book, two DVDs with a promotional video and six 15-minute teaching sessions, and the original What Are You Afraid Of? book from Tyndale. The question "What are you afraid of?" can be translated "What is it that immobilizes you? What is stealing your joy and destroying your hope? What is robbing you of sleep night after night? What keeps you from living by faith and being a risk taker? What keeps you from giving your life wholly to a loving God who wants nothing but the best for you?"

    Dr. Jeremiah has probably heard your answers to these questions, at least in part, because he's lived shoulder to shoulder with many mature Christians his entire life. He's been a pastor to thousands for nearly five decades. And he's discovered that everybody - including himself - is afraid of something. The challenge is to discover and analyze your fears, to look to God when you are afraid, and to find a biblical response to your fears.

    What Are You Afraid Of? examines these fears: defeat, depression, disconnection, disease, and death. Dr. Jeremiah then guides you to realize that God is the answer to all your fears and to replace your unhealthy fears with a proper fear of God. You can look to the future and see nothing except His power and love guarding your every step. You can find the truth that sets you free to live the fearless life God created you to enjoy. (6 sessions)

    Kit Includes:

    Member Book that provides content for individual study five days a week, six group experiences, and six DVD viewer guides

    2 DVDs

    The book on which the study is based


    Video-driven Bible study

    6 group sessions

    6 weeks of personal Bible study
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