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    8 Hours Or Less

    R 240.00

    Africans and Africa in the Bible

    R 150.00
    An Ethnic & Geographic Approach

    Africans And Africa In The Bible (Expanded Ed)

    R 150.00
    An Ethnic & Geographic Approach

    An Introduction To The New Testament

    R 620.00
    Context, Methods & Ministry Formation

    Asking The Right Questions

    R 210.00
    Practical Guide to Understanding the Bible

    Concise Introduction To The Bible

    R 265.00
    Clear, Simple and Easy to Read...

    Die Bybel In 'n Neutedop: Nuwe Testament

    R 140.00
    Kommentaar, verklarings en samevattings van elke boek van die Nuwe Testament

    Essential Companion To Life In Bible Times

    R 200.00
    Key Insights for Reading God's Word

    Exploring The New Testament

    R 100.00

    Exploring The Old Testament

    R 130.00

    Handbook On The New Testament Use Of The

    R 520.00
    Exegesis and Interpretation

    How To Study Your Bible

    R 275.00
    Discover the Life-Changing Approach to God's Word

    Introducing Biblical Hermeneutics

    R 390.00
    A Comprehensive Framework for Hearing God in Scripture

    Journey Through The New Testament (HC)

    R 275.00
    Church Answers Resource

    Journey Through The Old Testament (HC)

    R 250.00
    Church Answers Resource

    Know The Truth

    R 299.00
    A Handbook of Christian Belief

    Listen Up!

    R 30.00
    A practical guide to listening to sermons

    Paul: Missionary Of Jesus

    R 320.00
    After Jesus Volume 2

    Preaching The Psalms

    R 380.00

    Preaching: Communicating Faith

    R 275.00
    In an Age of Scepticism

    Rose Book Of Bible Charts, Maps And Time Lines

    R 650.00
    Spiral Bound

    Systematic Theology (Second Edition)

    R 1 200.00
    An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine

    The Baker Ilustrated Guide To The Bible

    R 200.00
    A Book-By-Book Companion

    The Bible Guide

    R 80.00
    A Concise Overview of All 66 Books

    The Bible Recap

    R 550.00
    A One Year Guide to Reading/Understanding

    The Bible: A Story That Makes Sense of Life

    R 160.00

    The Bible: How To Read & Understand It

    R 40.00
    32 Page Booklet

    The Essential Guide To The Bible And Christianity

    R 145.00
    By over 70 African leaders. edited by John Jusu

    The Life And Theology Of Paul

    R 250.00

    The New Greek English Intrlinear New Testament

    R 450.00
    Personal size

    The Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy

    R 315.00
    Over 150 topics from world's top prophecy experts

    Understanding The Bible As A Whole (HC)

    R 250.00
    Church Answers Resource

    Unlocking The Bible Omnibus

    R 230.00
    A unique overview of the whole Bible

    What the Bible is All About (Rev & Updated)

    R 365.00
    Bible Handbook

    Writing & Research

    R 450.00
    A Guide for Theological Students


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