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    Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask

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    Church Resource Edition
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    ~ �Why are Christians against same-sex people getting married? . . . Why do you believe God exists at all? . . . Why would God allow evil and suffering? . . . Why trust the Bible when it�s full of mistakes? . . . How could a loving God send people to hell? . . . What makes you think Jesus was more than just a good teacher? . . . Why are Christians so judgmental?�

    Some questions can stop a conversation. Today, more than ever, people are raising difficult, penetrating questions about faith, God, and the Bible. Based on an exclusive new Barna survey of 1,000 Christians, The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask presents compelling, easy-to-grasp answers to 10 of the most troubling questions facing Christians today. These include everything from the existence of heaven to the issues of abortion and homosexuality, as well as the question of whether evolution eliminates our need for a God.


    1) What makes you so sure that God exists at all - especially when you can't see, hear or touch him?

    2) Didn't evolution put God out of a job? Why rely on religion in an age of science and knowledge?

    3) Why trust the Bible, a book based on myths and full of contradictions and mistakes?

    4) Everyone knows that Jesus was a good man and wise teacher - but why try to make him into the son of God too?

    5) How could a good God allow so much evil, pain, and suffering - or does he simply not care?

    6) Why is abortion such a line in the sand for Christians - why can't I be left alone to make my own choices for my own body?

    7) Why do you condemn homosexuality when it's clear that God made gays and that he loves all people the same?

    8) How can I trust in Christianity when so many Christians are hypocrites? Why are Christians so judgemental towards everyone who doesn't agree with them?

    9) Why should I think that heaven really exists - and that God sends people to hell?

    10) The questions our friends need us to ask them

    Each chapter also ends with a selection of discussion questions, making it perfect for group study in your home group or cell.
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