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    Princess In Camo #2 Running From Reality

    R 165,00
    SKU: 9780310762508
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    ~ In Running from Reality, Allie Carroway is done . . . with reality TV that is. Allie's cousins, Kendall, Ruby, Lola and Hunter have had enough too. They simply do not want to be on the family TV show anymore and have their lives open to the public. But they are quickly reminded that they can't go back on a decision they made as a family. Papaw Ray has a surprise for them: he sends them on a trip to escape the show but on one condition - they can't tell anyone about their adventures, no matter how fun, challenging, or amazing they are. No cameras or pictures allowed. Allie, her cousins, and the family head for California and warmer weather, only to find that what's in store will be the hardest secret they've ever had to keep.