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    One Minute Mysteries And Brain Teasers

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    SKU: 9780736973960
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    ~Readers of all ages will enjoy the challenge of discovering the answers to?or being stumped by?these interactive mysteries. In brief paragraphs and black-and-white illustrations, award-winning author Sandy Silverthorne and John Warner present 70 puzzles, each with a logical "aha" answer that requires thinking outside the box. Clues and answers are included in separate sections.

    Mystery: A man is looking at a clock that displays the correct time, but he doesn't know what time it is. Why not?

    Clues: The man can see and tell time perfectly well. The clock is normal and in plain sight. More than one clock is in the room.

    Solution: Each clock in the room is displaying a different time, so he doesn't know which one is correct. Hours of wholesome entertainment is practically guaranteed!