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    Never Alone Directors Manual

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    ~ Welcome to "Never Alone" holiday club material 2019 , where we're taking a weeklong vist to the movies! The children are the real superstars this weel as they learn more about God and the Bible.

    Our objective is to let young people know that God is always with them. Young people are continuously bombarded with images of prefect people, making them believe that no one else is going through the difficult issues that they face. They feel alone and isolated. This holiday club week will be a journey of discovering that many of their friends also struggle with similar issues. They will discover who God says they are and hear His voice calling to them from among all the other voices. As the week progresses, they will see that no matter how hard the situation is or how alone they feel, God is always with them. They will see how other people can help them manage life. The week ends with the discovery that God has sent the Holy Spirit to help them do what He is calling them to do.