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    Holy Spirit: Understanding his work in our lives

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    Good Book Guide
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    ~ You may have heard a lot about the Holy Spirit... or very little. Christians and churches seem divided over this issue. Some are always talking about gifts of the Spirit, baptism of the Spirit, Spirit-filled people and so on. In other circles, the Spirit seems to be rarely mentioned.

    There are plenty of books around that will claim to offer insight into the work of the Spirit... but what does the Bible actually say on the subject?

    This Good Book Guide has been put together from a survey of every single verse in the Bible that mentions the Holy Spirit and His activity. It will help you discover what God's Word means when it talks about being 'filled with' or 'led by' the Spirit. Or the differences between the Spirit's work in the Old and New Testaments. You may be in for some surprises!

    But most of all, this Good Book Guide will show how your life can and should be changed and shaped by the Spirit of God, who gives us life, and brings glory to Jesus Christ.

    Please note: These studies take slightly longer than a typical Good Book Guide study.



    1. The Spirit and the Bible

    2. The Spirit and the Old Testament

    3. Baptized with the Spirit

    4. The Gift of the Spirit

    5. Led by the Spirit

    6. Filled with the Spirit

    7. Gifts of the Spirit

    8. The Spirit and You

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    Author Pete & Anne Woodcock