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    Christ Is All

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    The Piety of Horatius Bonar
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    ~ Christ Is All highlights the life and work of the memorable Scottish minister and poet, Horatius Bonar (1808-1889). Michael A. G. Haykin and Darrin R. Brooker present 65 excerpts from Bonar's writings that capture his ardent devotion to the glory of Christ. Readers will also find Haykin's biographical introduction on Bonar a valuable glimpse at a life that God used greatly in the preaching of the gospel and the saving of souls.

    Table of Contents:

    No ordinary work

    God's trees grow slowly

    Biblical religion: a via media

    The apostolic way of evangelism

    Health of the soul

    On reading

    On prayer

    Blameless Christians

    A strong and bold witness

    Our eternal heritage

    The true end of the ministry

    The true stimulus to missions

    The shed blood of Christ: The foundation of Christianity

    Redeem the time

    Dwell not in this world

    Studying the Bible

    Grace found in God's election

    The model of a holy life

    Honoring the Spirit

    The gospel

    God changes not

    Do you go to the prayer-meeting?

    Be reconciled to God

    Quit you like men!

    The power of the cross

    The truth and errors of the age

    Christ our substitute

    On doctrine

    The delusion of earthly progress

    The good news about Jesus Christ

    Stand fast

    True spiritual discernment

    Amid the dazzling confusion

    Divine jealousy for the truth

    Follow the Master

    The deceitfulness of sin

    God's glory our aim

    Shall the god of this world succeed?

    Be ready

    On truth

    Christianity: doctrine and life

    By faith

    On the Holy Spirit

    Taken away from the evil to come

    The family badge

    The voice from Galilee

    Eternal companionship

    A life of spiritual vitality

    A warning against imitation

    The one true resting-place

    The love of the Spirit

    The Lord's Supper

    On beloved France and the writing of memoirs

    Awakening in Kilsyth

    Imputed righteousness

    The cross

    Living sacrifices

    The substitute

    Believe and live

    Live for something

    A faithful proclamation

    Contemplative theology

    Gospel optimism

    Labour for Christ

    An old minister's complaints

    Reading Bonar