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    Book Of Revelation Made Clear

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    ~Getting a glimpse into the future is always intriguing, especially when that glimpse comes from God's Word. But let's face it, the book of Revelation has some pretty weird stuff in it: seven-headed beasts, locusts with gold crowns, a city coming down from the sky. What does it all mean, and how does it help you in your Christian faith? This lighthearted yet accurate guide to the last book of the Bible will help you overcome the confusion. Engaging and user-friendly, The Book of Revelation Made Clear helps you:

    Understand the message of this often misunderstood book chapter by chapter

    Discover what Revelation says about how end-time events will unfold

    Make sense of all the symbolism

    See how Revelation relates to other parts of the Bible

    Learn how others interpret controversial parts

    Worship God with a new vision of his glory and ultimate triumph, and of what that means for you