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    30 Days

    R 175.00
    A Practical Introduction to Reading the Bible

    A Life Worth Living

    R 240.00

    Alpha Film Series USB Kit

    R 350.00

    Alpha Guide

    R 40.00
    Why am I here?

    Alpha Guide Afrikaans

    R 40.00
    Hou die lewe meer in as dit?

    Alpha Team Guide

    R 40.00
    What do you think

    Alpha Team Guide Afrikaans

    R 40.00
    Wat sal hulle vra

    Alpha Youth Film Series

    R 250.00

    Kutheni Kufuneka Sifune UYesu

    R 10.00
    Alpha Why Jesus Xhosa Edition

    Questions Of Life

    R 230.00

    Searching Issues

    R 235.00
    Tough Questions, Straight Answers

    Telling Others

    R 191.00
    The Alpha Initiative

    The Jesus Lifestyle

    R 275.00
    Practical guidelines for living Jesus' teachings

    The Marriage Book

    R 265.00
    New Revised Edition

    The Marriage Course Journal (Paperback)

    R 100.00
    To use with the Marriage Course Film Series

    The Parenting Book

    R 250.00

    The Parenting Children Course USB Card

    R 270.00
    Contains all video sessions

    The Parenting Childrens Course Guest Manual

    R 50.00
    For Use With The Parenting Children Video Series

    The Parenting Teenagers Course DVD Set

    R 270.00
    Includes Leader Guide

    The Parenting Teenagers Course Guest Manual

    R 60.00
    For Use With The Parenting Teenagers Video Series

    The Pre-Marriage Course Guest Journal

    R 100.00
    Use with The Pre-Marriage Course Film Series

    Why Jesus?

    R 20.00