Bubbles for Leaders (Oct-Dec 2016)

Bubbles for Leaders (Oct-Dec 2016)

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Bubbles for Leaders provides Bible-based material for under-5s groups, using play and story to help children develop a personal relationship with God.

In the October–December 2016 issue:

Series 1 – Jesus cares
The way in which Jesus responds to people gives us the assurance that he cares for everyone

Series 2 – God is good
God has made a good world for us to live in and he helps us know how he wants us to live

Series 3 – Christmas surprises
Christmas is a very special time when we can experience some very special surprises together
  • Title: Bubbles for Leaders (Oct-Dec 2016)
  • Author: Light
  • Publishing House: Scripture Union UK
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Country of Origin:  United Kingdom
  • Format:  Paperback
  • Pages:  82
  • Dimensions 275 x 210 x 5mm (L x W x H)
  • Readership: under 5's
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